Bringing the spirit of Aikido to the Ryde, Epping & Parramatta community

Uniforms & Equipment

In Aikido students wear a plain white training uniform called a dogi or keikogi, (similar to that of other Japanese martial arts such as Judo or Kendo) and either a white belt, or a black belt and hakama depending on their grade. Female students wear a white t-shirt or sports top under their dogi.

Dogi imageWe offer dogis for sale through the dojo, or you can purchase your own through other suppliers. Speak to the instructor if you are interested in buying a dogi.


Other items students use include:

  • Jo (Wooden staff)
  • Boktu (Wooden sword)
  • Shoto (Short wooden sword), and
  • Tanto (Wooden knife)

We can also provide these through the dojo.