Bringing the spirit of Aikido to the Ryde, Epping & Parramatta community


Classes are led by Jeff Standen (4th Dan), John Porter (4th Dan), Glenn Johnston (1st Dan), Mickael Quelin (1st Dan) and Tomoe Teramoto (1st Dan). All our instructors are members of Aikido Kenkyukai International (AKI), an affiliation of Aikido dojos throughout Japan, Australia, NZ, Canada, USA, Chile & Uruguay, inspired by the teachings of Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan (8th dan). AKI is affiliated with Aiki-kai Japan and our instructor’s gradings are awarded through Aiki-kai Hombu (headquarters) in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition, each instructor is accredited by the Martial Arts Industry Association, the peak industry body for martial arts in Australia, and has undergone training in martial arts coaching, first-aid and risk management, as well as police background and working with children checks. Instructors operate under the MAIA National Code of Practice, and are bound by their Instructors Code of Ethics.

 Jeff Standen (4th Dan)


Jeff began training Aikido in 1988 with AKI in Sydney. From 1991 to 2000 Jeff also trained in Darwin with Aikikai Australia under the late Seiichi Sugano Shihan (1939-2010), before returning to Sydney. Over the years, Jeff has travelled with his dogi and trained in dojos in every state of Australia as well as overseas including Holland, England, Greece, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. With the support and encouragement of other senior teachers in AKI Jeff established the AKI Ryde Dojo in October 2009.  Jeff continues to train whenever and wherever possible. He loves training as well as teaching Aikido and brings a dedicated and joyful spirit to the dojo.

John Porter (4th Dan)

John Porter (3rd dan)John also began training Aikido in 1988 under the guidance of Takeda Shihan. Over the decades John has trained extensively with AKI in NSW, the ACT, Queensland and overseas. John is a diligent student and very experienced teacher of Aikido, having taught adults and kids classes in the Blue Mountains for many years.

John loves training and practising Aikido and brings a dynamic and enjoyable energy to the dojo.

Glenn Johnston (1st Dan)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlenn has been training Aikido since 1992 in Australia and Japan. Glenn brings his diverse experience in Aikido to our dojo having trained with a number of dojos over the years. In addition to his experience with AKI he has also trained with Aikikai Australia under the late Seiichi Sugano Shihan. Glenn also travelled to Japan each year and trained with the Shohei Juku Dojo in Fukuoka Japan from 1997 to 2005 under Suganuma Sensei. Glenn has been a dedicated and consistent student who enjoys both training and teaching Aikido.

Mickael Quelin (1st Dan)

Mickael started Aikido in 1998 in France (FFAB) under the teachings of Marie-Christine Verne (5th Dan) and was fortunate enough to participate in a number of seminars directed by Tamura Shihan who has been a great inspiration for him. Mickael Quelin

Mickael has also practiced “Iaido” (the art of drawing the Japanese sword) for 2 years, which has been a great complement to his Aikido practice.

After moving to Australia in 2007 Mickael settled in the area and resumed his practice in 2013 when he joined AKI NSW at Ryde Aikido. As he explains;

“I found in Ryde Aikido a perfect place to continue my Aikido journey and really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the club.”

Tomoe Teramoto (1st Dan)

As our most recently qualified, and first female instructor, Tomoe brings a lovely energy to her training. She has been training Aikido for over 7 years with AKI West Ryde and was recently accredited by the MAIA. Her style is accurate soft and powerful, and avoids force in executing her techniques. 

“I would like more people to enjoy the training of Aikido, it is not only physical but also mental and emotional training. We have such a nice group of people in Aikido Kenkyukai which is not always easy to find.”

Visiting Instructors

We are also fortunate on occasion to be joined by senior Aikido instructors from other dojos around Australia and overseas for special classes and seminars. Keep an eye on our News and Events page, or subscribe to Aikido Ryde (in the right hand side column) to receive notification of these special events.