Bringing the spirit of Aikido to the Ryde, Epping & Parramatta community


How much are classes?

  • The membership fee is $90 /year. If you’re visiting from another dojo or are just joining you can pay a temporary fee of $20 for the first few weeks.
  • The class fees are $15 adult, or $8 for student or hardship (please discuss in confidence with the instructor). We also offer a cheaper monthly fee for those students training regularly.
  • If your just starting out we also have very generous $99 starter pack which offers 3 weeks training, a dogi (uniform), a book on Aikido, and a discount on membership

Please see our Training Fees page for more details.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Family Fitness and Self-Defence Academy. 1043a Victoria Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114

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See our Getting There page for details on transport options to the dojo (training hall)

How do I join?

Getting started is easy! Please refer to our Getting Started page for full details.

I’ve never done any martial arts before. Will I be able to do Aikido?

Prior experience in martial arts is not a requirement for joining Aikido. For many of our members it is the first time they have done a martial art. You will start out slowly and our Instructors ensure you progress at a pace commensurate with your ability.

I’ve done some Aikido before. Can I come along and try it out?

If you already have Aikido experience you are welcome to join, though we still ask you observe at least part of a class as there are many styles and methods of practice. By first watching, you avoid disappointment or frustration through any expectation, and minimize disruption to those who choose to practise this way.

Im not very fit. Will I be able to join in?

Aikido is suitable for people of all ages. We all start slowly. If you have a particular injury or health condition you do need to discuss this with the instructor before joining, and you may need to seek clearance from a medical practitioner.

Do you teach children?

Unfortunately we dont teach children’s classes, only adults (15 years and older).

There are excellent children’s Aikido classes available at Aikido Sydney City dojo, or, if you are looking for something locally there are Ju-Jitsu classes for kids of all ages where we train at the World JuJitsu Australia and Family Fitness and Self Defence Academy in West Ryde.

From what I have seen of Aikido, I don’t think I could do those movements?

Some of the movements in Aikido may look difficult and daunting. Just remember that everyone starts at the beginning and you always train at a pace at which you feel comfortable. A lot of the movements are a combination of confidence and technique, which we will teach you. You will be surprised at what you can do when shown how.

Can I talk to someone more about joining?

Yes certainly. Contact either Jeff or John with your enquiry. See our contacts page for details.