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End of Year Special Keiko – Thursday 15th Dec.

Next week will be our last training for 2016 at West Ryde dojo, so on the Thursday (15th Dec) we’ll be having a special end of year keiko, followed by dinner and drink nearby to celebrate the dojo’s 7th year, Christmas and everyones progress throughout the year. 

We will also put together a short message to send to Takeda Sensei from West Ryde Dojo for his upcoming 77th birthday. (77 is a significant birthday in Japan.) Please make an effort to come along to celebrate what has been a great year of training and growth for us all at West Ryde. 

If you can make the dinner please let Jeff or Rebecca know so that we can book the restaurant. Thanks 

(Note: The venue will be closed for about 6weeks, so our first class for 2017 at the dojo will be Tuesday 31st January. )