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Movement Workshop for Shoulders – pain free training

Donna Eddy is coming back to Balmain dojo to run another workshop, this time focussing on the shoulders, namely the rotator cuff and the fascial connection to the arm; chest; upper back and posture.

Donna’s last workshop, which focussed on hips and psoas movement was really valuable and I would strongly recommend this event.  Details are as follows:

When: Saturday 14th December.

Location: Aikido Kenkyukai, Balmain PCYC, Darling St Balmain

Time: 8:00 ~ 10:00am

Cost: $15 for Kenkyukai & WhiteWolf students. $20 for outsiders

Dress: dogi or casual training clothes.

Contact: Stephen 0414 376 912 or

For more information, download the pdf here: Movement Workshop for Shoulders.pdf”