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Fascial connection and Psoas activation workshop

Balmain dojo will be hosting a 2hr workshop on fascial connection and Psoas activation on 31st August. The workshop will start at 8am.

Donna Eddy is a social martial artist, therapist and trainer and will present take home techniques for you to use immediately. Donna has been involved in this specialised area for over 20 years and has offered to conduct a discounted workshop through a friend.

There will be no aikido on the day but wear loose clothing.

When: Sat 31 August, 8am to 10am

Cost: $15 per person for Kenkyukai student. $20 for visitors.

Location: Aikido Kenkyukai, Balmain PCYC, 372 Darling St Balmain.

Contact: Stephen 0414 376 912  or